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ITV's multi-coloured office block application as broadcaster prepares for rebrand

Soon with lights? London TV Studios
IN BRIEF Lambeth Council is considering an application by broadcaster ITV plc to allow it to install LED light fittings on the Kent House office block at the London TV Studios.

The installation of the lights is planned to coincide with next year's big rebrand of ITV's output across all of its digital channels, which will see its flagship channel revert to being known as "ITV", dropping the "1" that was added to the channel's name in 2001.

The lights would run along vertical lines from the 4th to the 22nd floor of the 1970s block, originally built for London Weekend Television (LWT) and famously sited on the South Bank of the Thames. The complex is the current home of Daybreak, Lorraine and This Morning.

According to the application "the lights will be directed at the facade and project different coloured lights - blue, green, pink and yellow - during the night time hours".

ITV proposes to install the lighting for early January 2013, in time for the on-screen rebrand.


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