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Gold replaces LBC on Yorkshire DAB multiplex

IN BRIEF Classic hit station Gold has appeared on Yorkshire's regional multiplex, replacing news and talk station LBC.

The regional multiplex, on VHF block 12A, transmits across Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and the North Midlands. Gold has been labelled "Gold UK" and consumes 64kbps bandwidth on the multiplex. It replaces London's LBC station, which was using 48kbps bandwidth. (A detailed breakdown of bandwidth usage to account for the variation is currently unavailable).

Both Gold and LBC are controlled by Global Radio, who are currently awaiting the outcome of a Competition Commission investigation following their takeover of GMG Radio, who operate regional station Real Radio in Yorkshire.

Gold is also carried on the Leeds local multiplex.

The Yorkshire regional DAB multiplex is scheduled to close in 2015, the final regional multiplex in England outside of Greater London to do so. Other regional multiplexes will close between July and September 2013. What will happen to Gold and other services remains to be seen.
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