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Freeview in Bristol subject to overnight breaks in transmission

Engineering work at the Bristol Kings Weston and Ilchester Crescent transmitters tonight (Wednesday into Thursday 8th November) will result in a break in transmission for some Freeview services in and around the City. This is according to information published by Digital UK.

At the Kings Weston transmitter, services affected include Sky News, Challenge, Dave, Really, Film 4 and Viva as the two Arqiva multiplexes are subject to shutdowns between 00:00 and 06:00. The transmitter also covers parts of Portishead and Avonmouth in addition to coverage in parts of Bristol.

Meanwhile, over at Ilchester Crescent, the transmitter there will be subject to shutdowns between 00:00 and 02:30. Services affected here include ITV1, Channel 4 and 5, plus commercial channels such as ITV3, Quest and QVC as public service multiplex D3&4 and commercial multiplex SDN are subject to breaks.

Viewers able to receive services straight from the Mendip transmitter are unaffected by the engineering works.


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