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First tests begin path to BBC One HD Wales and Scotland

SATELLITE UPDATE A day after the BBC ceased pan-European transmissions on Astra 2A, it has activated a new UK spotbeam transponder on Astra 1N - transponder 61 (11,023 H S/R 23000) - as it prepares the way for two more versions of BBC One HD for Scotland and for Wales, which require additional capacity on satellite.

Currently, a test channel populates the transponder. It has been showing a BBC and an "ident mode" scrolling text testcard today:

The BBC will soon be transmitting 5 HD services in total: BBC One HD England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, plus a UK-wide BBC Two HD (replacing BBC HD).

BBC One HD Scotland and Wales will also replace the existing pseudo-BBC One HD England on Freeview HD and cable services in the nations upon launch. A launch date for the additional HD national variants has not yet been announced.


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