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End of CBBC on BBC Two

update 09/12/2012: CBBC returns for a limited and final time over Xmas/New Year on BBC Two mornings.

CBBC on BBC Two is coming to an end this Friday, 30th November. The breakfast and weekend morning strand of programming aimed at 6-12 year olds is being axed as part of the Delivering Quality First (DQF) efficiency scheme by the BBC.

The move follows the completion of digital switchover earlier this year, which provided universal access to the standalone CBBC Channel.

BBC Two inherited the long-established Saturday morning children's strand of programming after "Saturday Kitchen" moved to BBC One in 2006.

From 1st December, BBC Two will directly simulcast sister channel CBeebies for several hours every morning. From 2013, that too will be axed with a new daytime BBC Two schedule of world news and factual repeats being launched. The afternoon CBBC strand on BBC One remains until just before Christmas.


  1. Can you please clarify for a non-native speaker ? CBBC is gone for good soon or only partly ? Also, what about CBeebies - is that staying or is it being axed completely, too ?

    1. All children's programmes are being removed from BBC One and BBC Two, beginning with CBBC on BBC Two at the end of this week. CBeebies fills the hole before Christmas until it too is removed. This is because all of the UK can now receive the separate CBBC and Cbeebies channels since the UK completed digital switchover (analogue switch off). The BBC needs to save money. It says it is not worth the money to keep children's programmes on the main channels as well as the digital channels.

  2. Thanks for the fast reply. Will the CBBC and Cbeebies channels stay on Freesat, do you know? My daughter needs some proper programmes :)

  3. Yes: no change to the separate channels

  4. Thank you, this is an excellent site.


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