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Olympic BBC Three broke service licence

UPDATE BBC Three broke its service licence when its hours were extended during the Olympics.

The transgression was made public in minutes from a recent BBC Trust meeting.

The breach occured when BBC Three used its extended hours to broadcast non-Olympic content on five days from the 27th July. The BBC Trust allowed BBC Three to go 24/7 during the Games for the purpose of providing extended Olympic coverage only.

The channel used its first extended day on Friday 27th July to broadcast shows such as Total Wipeout and Doctor Who all day in the lead up to extended Olympic coverage from Saturday 28th. Then, on subsequent days, the channel continued to show non-Olympic content between 5:30am (its usual finish time) and 9:00am, until the BBC Trust stepped in, when programmes were replaced by Olympic highlights.

BBC Three usually broadcasts from 7pm, and technically can stay on air until 5:30am, although programmes normally finish before then. It usually shares bandwidth with CBBC. During the Olympics, technical changes were made to allow BBC Three to go 24 hours, with BBC Parliament being taken off Freeview for the Games.

In the meeting, the BBC Trust "concluded that this was a minor breach of the service licence and that the appropriate sanction would be to make the breach public via the meeting minutes. "

  BBC Trust Minutes:

  BBC Three Schedule, 27th July:
  5:15am The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
  5:45am Total Wipeout
  6:45am FILM: The Magic Roundabout
  8:00am Doctor Who
  9:00am The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
10:00am Great Movie Mistakes
11:00am FILM: First Daughter
12:40pm Doctor Who
  1:40pm Snog, Marry, Avoid?
  2:10pm Don't Tell the Bride
  3:10pm FILM: Revenge of the Bridesmaids
  4:30pm The Real Hustle: Celebrity Chancers
  5:30pm Snog, Marry, Avoid?
  6:00pm Don't Tell the Bride
  7:00pm Top Gear USA (double bill)
  8:30pm FILM: Beverly Hills Chihuahua
10:00pm Russell Howard's Good News (double bill)
11:00pm Family Guy (four episodes)
12:30am American Dad! (four episodes)
  2:00am Russell Howard's Good News (double bill)
  3:00am Little Britain


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