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Astra 2F arrives at its destination

IN BRIEF  The next satellite to provide UK broadcasters with capacity for their channels has arrived at its final destination. The SES owned Astra 2F satellite has arrived at 28.2 degrees East orbital position and will replace Astra 1N, which has provided temporary capacity for the UK's broadcasters, including the BBC and ITV, for the past year.

Satellite operator SES has now confirmed that the satellite is now in commercial service. TV and radio stations are expected to begin transferring from Astra 1N to Astra 2F very shortly. Services will keep the same frequencies, so there is not expected to be any major disruption to either Sky or Freesat users apart from a short break in service when the transfer occurs. Once UK services have been withdrawn from Astra 1N, the satellite will be repositioned to serve continental Europe.

There have been concerns on internet forums about the potential loss of reception to British ex-pats living outside of what is expected to be a slightly tighter spot beam on the UK. The situation is expected to become clearer as tests commence.

updated:18:56 21/11/2012
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