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AM switch off trials in Essex and Hereford & Worcester come to an end

The Medium Wave / AM frequencies of BBC Essex and BBC Hereford & Worcester have been switched back to normal programming following a week long trial to check audience reaction to the switch off.

Before the BBC goes ahead with its planned almost complete withdrawal of local radio from Medium Wave, the BBC has been trialling switch-offs at numerous radio stations to gauge how many people still listen to AM services and how many can't or won't make the change to FM or (where curreny available) DAB digital radio. Listeners have been invited to call in to complain on the recorded message that has been played out on affected frequencies in order for the BBC to log reaction.

The switch off of BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Kent 1602 kHz continues until further notice. In Nottinghamshire, programmes originally broadcast on AM have moved to alternative frequencies, with DAB digital radio picking up some sports commentaries.


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