The Space lives on... for at least another few months

The Space - BBC/Arts Council England
The ground breaking interactive arts service "The Space", which originally launched as a temporary pop-up service to be on air between May and October 2012 has been given a stay of execution.

The BBC/Arts Council England joint venue has been given the green light to stay on air until at least March 2013.

Writing on the BBC website, Tony Ageh, Controller of Archive Development, said:
 "I’m pleased to say that the BBC and ACE have both agreed that we need more time to evaluate its impact and to consider how the innovations we have made in commissioning, curating and delivering digital art can shared more widely. The Space is going to continue in something like its current form until March 2013, and during that period we’re going to explore the potential for a permanent digital arts service that could support the aspirations of a range of cultural organisations beyond the current Space partnerships, and an increasing number of artists and arts organisations."
The service will continue at and also on Freesat, according to sources. Details of the Freeview HD service are still unknown.

It will continue to enable users to access content, free and on-demand, featuring live broadcasts and experimental work exploring new digital art forms and new ways to connect with audiences. Much of the work showcased on the Space during the past six months will remain on demand.

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