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Switchover Update: Northern Ireland is digital

DIGITAL SWITCHOVER UPDATE  High powered digital transmissions from main transmitters and relays in Northern Ireland are now live, following the analogue switch-off last night (article with YouTube videos of the switch off)

Relay viewers will not have access to commercial channels such as Sky News and Dave on Freeview.

BBC One HD Northern Ireland and UTV HD are available from today for those with Freeview HD certified receivers. These HD channels are also available in Belfast on cable and BBC One HD Northern Ireland is on satellite, to be added to Freesat and Sky EPGs in place of the existing BBC One HD service for those with Northern Irish postcodes. UTV HD will launch on satellite in 2013.

According to the Digital UK website, the relay at Muldonagh was the last to be completed,

Advice and support on the digital switchover is available from, where you can find details of a support helpline, plus details of where the Digital UK teams will be located to help viewers.

Further information for Northern Irish viewers, including details of frequencies, available channels, and receiver functionality (which type of receiver will receive what services):
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