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More ITV regions go free to air, BBC One HD Northern Ireland ready to go


A more regionalised ITV service is on its way to Freesat viewers, after several ITV subregions went free to air this week.

ITV subregions covering the north of the "Meridian" [South] TV region, the west of the Anglia TV region and the Yorkshire East [Lincolnshire/East Yorkshire] region, along with the Central South West variant are now free to air on satellite. ITV1+1 Yorkshire is also free to air.

In addition, ITV1 HD Central joins ITV1 HD variants for the Granada, London and Meridian TV regions in being free to air.

The Free to Air ITV regions are found at  10994.00 H on Astra 1N. Central and Meridan HD variants are on 10936.00 V.

The Freesat EPG has not yet incorporated the changes in the affect regions, but with the removal of Sky's encryption, viewers in postcodes served by the additional services can expect their previously assigned ITV region to be amended and replaced in the Freesat line up in due course.

Earlier this year, ITV1 Central East went free to air, but it took several months before it replaced Central West in the Freesat line up.

BBC One HD Northern Ireland ready to go live
Meanwhile, BBC One HD Northern Ireland is transmitting a full schedule of programmes ahead of being added to the Freesat and Sky EPGs in Northern Ireland in line with the completion of digital switchover in Northern Ireland tomorrow.
  • It is being transmitted on 10.84700 GHz, V, DVB-S2, 8PSK, Symbol rate: 23000, FEC: 2/3
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  1. Hi, Do you think that ITV1 Meridian HD will be made available where ITV1 Meridian is on 103 for Freesat viewers?

    Also do you think ITV1 Meridian N will be on Freesat 103 for viewers in North Hampshire where I am?

  2. If another version of ITV1 Meridian is already on 103 at your postcode, it is highly likely that (1) ITV1 HD Meridian will appear on Freesat 119 and (2) ITV1 Meridian North at some point. Currently Freesat has either London or Granada versions of ITV1 HD.

    Overall, minor subregions [e.g. ITV Anglia West] will only be SD, main subregions [e.g Central West] in HD.

  3. Will we get itv yorkshire hd in the future ?

    1. A very good question. Whilst it hasn't happened yet, I would imagine it would happen in the future. The ITV network is split into "macro regions" - several regions lumped together for advertising sales purposes.

      The four versions of ITV1 HD: London, Central, Meridian, Granada cover all of the ITV Macro Regions (West macro is also covered by Midwest macro).

      ITV1 HD Granada covers the Northern Macro, which includes Granada, Border, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees. However the northern Macro can be split (for advertising purposes) into Granada and Border, plus Yorkshire and Tyne Tees, so a future ITV1 HD Yorkshire might cover Tyne Tees as well!

  4. Virgin Media getting BBC One HD NI on 108 from 6am replacing the UK national feed Media Boy reports.

    that's at least 2 articles VM none exist in your articles regarding NI.

    Wales and Scotland should expect diverging soon.

    What happens to England anyone guess.
    Ideas I prefer is
    #1 a different day a different regional feed on the English feed (upscaled if need).
    #2 An English BBC News 24 style programme
    #3 BBC One HD as currently is (blank out rationalisation)

    The least preferred is an North West (Salford) or London solution for "all English" as it is not and outside the chosen English regional variation they may as well keep This is BBC One HD!

    1. "that's at least 2 articles VM none exist in your articles regarding NI."

      This article is a "satellite update", therefore it does not cover Freeview or Cable services. Virgin Media is not usually editorially covered by


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