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Ofcom licences TV station for Sheffield

Sheffield Local TV / SLTV
Sheffield Local Television has been awarded one of the latest Ofcom local TV licences. The channel, also known as SLTV, will commence transmitting via a local TV multiplex to the Steel City on Freeview channel 8 before the end of 2013.

Responding to the news, Steve Buckley, Chair of SLTV, said: "We are delighted to hear that SLTV has won the local TV licence for Sheffield. We extend a huge thanks to all our supporters who have backed the SLTV bid and contribute to its development. SLTV will be an open, diverse and inclusive channel, locally owned and not run for profit."

The channel represents a consortium consisting of Community Media Solutions Ltd (CMS) and Cultural Industries Quarter Agency (CIQA). Participants in the project include Sheffield Live, Kinematic Media, South Yorkshire Film-makers Network, Sheffield Independent Film Training (SHIFT), Visualis, Sero Consulting, Sheffield Media and Exhibition Centre, Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, Tramlines Festival, Studio of the North, Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University and The Sheffield College.

The consortium has been supported by Sheffield City Council, Creative Sheffield and Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

Once up and running, the channel will offer a mix of local news, cultural programming and a provision for independent and community producers to air their programming.

In an indicative TV schedule submitted to Ofcom as part of the application, the channel would have a weeknightly live studio discussion show at 7pm.

Other applicants for the licence included Your TV and Metro8 - a local TV format originating from Canada. Both Your TV and Metro8 are still in the running for licences in other parts of the UK.

The local TV station is expected to launch via a local TV multiplex on UHF channel 55, broadcasting from the Sheffield (Tapton Hill) transmitter, with a limited effective radiated power of 0.1 kW. An indicative coverage area is shown below. Exact extent of coverage will depend on the successful applicant of the local TV multiplex operator licence and ongoing discussions with the local TV operators, transmission providers and Ofcom. Under current proposals, up to two further TV channels would broadcast alongside the local TV channel on the local TV multiplex, making up a multiplex of three TV channels.

Proposed coverage area - exact coverage will depend on the final decision on broadcast parameters to be used. © Ofcom. Based on QSPK 2/3 mode. The above should only serve as a rough guide.


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