Notts TV awarded Local TV licence for Nottingham

Ofcom has this morning awarded the licence to run the local TV service in Nottingham on Freeview channel 8 to Notts TV, managed by the Confetti Media Group and in a consortium with the Nottingham Post, Nottingham Trent University and Inclusive Digital.
The licence is for a period of up to 12 years. According to the application submitted by Notts TV, the station aims to be on air by April 2014.

Notts TV fought off competition from rival bid Television Nottingham, which was backed by two former ITV Central News staff members, Keith Daniell and Steve Lambden.

According to the application submitted to Ofcom, Notts TV "will transmit seven days a week – from 4pm to midnight for the first 6 months, and then, when we have enough content, from 7am to midnight. The aim is for 48 minutes programming and 12 minutes advertising/promotions per hour."

"The Channel Archive will contain ‘long shelf-life’ programmes - which will be transmitted in a dynamically-changing pattern (similar to a radio playlist). Each programme will have an ‘end date’. The main news content will transmit at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm, formatted into updated 30 minute programme slots (24 minutes editorial time)."

Notts TV will transmit from the Waltham (near Melton Mowbray) and Nottingham (near Junction 26) transmitters. 

From Waltham the service should launch on UHF channel 26. From Nottingham it has been assigned UHF channel 50. 

The service will have two distinct potential coverage areas. The city of Nottingham receiving its services from the Nottingham transmitter, plus an area from Newark to Spalding in Lincolnshire from Waltham. Due to co-channel interference from The Wrekin transmitter in Shropshire, the service from the main Waltham transmitter will be restricted westwards, so will not cover Derby and Leicester as the primary TV services do. Neither applicants for the Nottingham licence indicated that they would serve the eastern sector of the potential coverage area.

Proposed coverage area - exact coverage will depend on the final decision on broadcast parameters to be used following the award of the licence to operate the digital multiplex that local TV will launch on. © Ofcom. Based on QSPK 2/3 mode. The above should only serve as a rough guide.
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