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More music channels move on Freesat

FREESAT NEWS Following last month's move of BuzMusik and Bliss on the Freesat EPG, Clubland TV and Massive R&B have moved up the music channel listings.

Clubland is now on Freesat channel 510, and Massive R&B is now on channel 511.

This is now the third such "shuffle up" in the past month. As well as the aforementioned move which took BuzMusik and Bliss to 505 and 506 respectively on the 13th September, a shuffle up occured in the lifestyle section of the EPG on the 19th September, which saw Showcase, Information TV, Food Network and Food Network+1 move up, filling many of the gaps.

Global Radio's Heart and Capital TV channels are expected to join Freesat's music section later this month, with the latest start date currently standing at 11th October, although the start date has been pushed back a few times.


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