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More BBC Local Radio stations shut off MW services

The BBC has announced further closures of  local radio services on Medium Wave from 30th October. The move follows the trial closure of several BBC Local Radio stations on MW earlier this year.

The MW transmitters of BBC Radio Essex and BBC Hereford and Worcester will be switched off for one week. Listener feedback will be assessed by the BBC to see if there is a large response against the switch-off and to see if MW listeners will migrate to FM and DAB digital radio services.

BBC Hereford and Worcester: 738kHz and 1584kHz
BBC Essex:  765kHz

Controversially, the local DAB multiplex for Herefordshire and Worcestershire has not yet gone live, ruling out that option at least in BBC Hereford and Worcester's patch.

On BBC Radio Essex, Coverage of Southend United’s games will be found on 95.3 FM, and Colchester United’s games on 103.5 FM.

Meanwhile, the trial switchoff of BBC Radio Nottingham's MW service, plus BBC Radio Kent's 1602 kHz frequency has been extended further, raising doubts as to whether these services will ever resume on MW/AM. Previous switch-off trials affecting BBC Radio Lincolnshire and BBC Radio Merseyside ended in September, with normal MW transmissions resuming.

The closure of MW services is part of the BBC's cost-cutting plans. In the long term, the BBC aims to switch off the vast majority of BBC Local Radio services on MW, except where FM and DAB digital radio coverage is not planned to replicate full coverage on MW. BBC Radio Derby falls into this category, as FM and DAB coverage is not planned to be extended into all parts of the Peak District.

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