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Latest Freeview Reshuffle done and dusted

Freeview Retune
The latest reshuffle of channels on Freeview, organised by digital terrestrial television platform manager DMOL has now been concluded. Technical work on the changes commenced just before 11am this morning, leaving viewers with the new line up nationwide before midday today.

HD channels are now found from channels 101, with BBC HD taking channel 102 in preparation for the change to BBC Two HD from next year. Adult channels were moved to the bottom of the main TV channels in the Guide, and are now found from channel 170 onwards. Placeholders on channels 91 and 100 redirect viewers to the new location for adult channels.

Most Freeview HD certified receivers have automatically moved the channels to their new positions without any intervention from the viewer required, although a few, unverified exceptions have been reported.

This is the second nationwide Freeview reshuffle in just under a month, with the changes today having been postponed by four weeks due to two appeals by broadcasters against the move. In addition, viewers in the Tyne Tees region had to retune twice last month due to digital switchover.

The changes are to allow space for more channels to join the line up and to give HD and adult channels are clear channel segment without being surrounded by other types of channels. Once BBC Two HD replaces BBC HD, HD versions of the main four channels will be exactly 100 places above their standard definition counterpart, in a move that will likely remain until the HD versions match the same regional structure as the standard definition channels.

In Northern Ireland, viewers are being advised not to retune, as today's changes will be reflected when they retune next Wednesday after the conclusion of digital switchover in the province.

In Manchester, Capital TV was added to the Freeview EPG on channel 56. The music channel, which launched last week on Freesat and Sky is being transmitted on the Manchester Television Network multiplex, which uses capacity previously allocated to Channel M. Movies4Men, previously on channel 56 in Manchester has now moved to channel 51.

  What's changed:
  • Channel moves:
    • BBC One HD (from 50 to 101)
    • ITV1 HD (STV HD in Scotland) (from 51 to 103)
    • Channel 4 HD (from 52 to 104)
    • S4C Clirlun [Wales] (from 53 to 105) Clirlun ceases broadcasting on the 30th November. On 1st December, C4HD is added on 104 in Wales.
    • BBC HD (from 54 to 102)
    • Marketplace (from 61 to 50)
    • TVX (from 92 to 171)
    • Smile TV 2 (from 93 to 172)
    • Smile TV 3 (from 94 to 173)
    • Babestn (from 95  to 174)
    • Party (from 96 to 175)
    • Blue (from 97 to 176)
    • Babestn 2 (from 98 to 177)
    • PlayboyTVChat (from 99 to 178)
  • In Manchester, the following additional moves took place:
    • Movies 4 Men (from 56 to 51)
    • Movies 4 Men+1 (from 57 to 52)
    • Sony SAB (from 58 to 53)
    • Argos TV 24/7 (from 59 to 54)
    • Capital TV added to 56


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