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Irish Republic analogue switched off at the click of a mouse

UPDATE  Services from RTÉ, TV3 and TG4 in analogue across the Irish Republic have been taken off air, as part of the country's analogue switch off. This follows last night's switch off north of the border, when the UK's analogue switch off project came to end.

Irish public broadcaster RTÉ aired a news special earlier this morning, providing live coverage of the event. Coverage of the event appeared on YouTube shortly after the event:

With just one digital multiplex carrying all terrestrial channels in digital across the Irish Republic, there was no need for the more protracted approach used in the UK, where frequencies had to be found for six multiplexes (seven in Northern Ireland).

High power services from the Irish Republic's transmitter network bordering Northern Ireland went on air this afternoon, when Moville transmitter power was boosted and the Clermont Carn transmitter commenced transmitting the Saorview digital service on UHF channel 52. This service will not have any restrictions northwards into Northern Ireland, so that some viewers who have got a Saorview compatible receiver, but who couldn't get Saorview until today will begin receiving it from south of the border. The old Saorview frequency on UHF channel 53 will end transmissions on the 5th November. Services on this frequency were restricted from overspilling too much outside of the Irish Republic.

A frequency change has commenced from Mount Leinster transmitter serving South East Ireland, where Saorview is now broadcasting on UHF channel 23. This is two days earlier than previously announced by Irish transmitter company RTÉNL. Following a transitional period ending 14th November, the old frequency on UHF channel 45 will be shut down, reducing interference with the Preseli transmitter on the other side of the Irish Sea, in Pembrokeshire.

Northern Irish viewers who find that they can't receive a signal from the Irish Republic, but want access to RTÉ One and Two and TG4, may find that they can receive a special seventh multiplex, available on newer "Freeview HD" spec boxes, which have the inbuilt tuner required to receive these three standard definition channels transmitted from masts at Black Mountain, Brougher Mountain and Carnmoney Hill.


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