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Heart and Capital TV have launched

Heart and Capital TV launching on Sky and Freesat
Global Radio's foray into the world of television got going tonight at 11:00pm, when TV versions of its Heart and Capital radio brands went live.

The channels are available on Freesat channels 516 and 517, plus Sky channels 387 and 388.

Shows consist unsurprisingly of extensions to the existing programme "brands" featured on their respective radio counterpart. So for instance, Heart TV includes a regular "Time Tunnel" slot featuring a string of songs from a mystery year. Both Capital and Heart's "club" programme strands appear on TV, first airing tomorrow evening.

The two stations were originally planned to enter service last month, but the launch date was pushed back twice, finally ending up on the 11st October.

The TV channel launch comes on the day that Culture secretary Maria Miller ruled that Global Radio's takeover of Real and Smooth owner GMG Radio earlier this year could not be stopped on the grounds of plurality. Global Radio has offered to increase the news provision on Real Radio Wales as a sweetener to keep hold of the station alongside its existing Heart stations in North Wales and Capital in the South of Wales, plus Gold on AM and DAB. The takeover will still be reviewed by the Competition Commission on the grounds of reducing competition in key radio advertising markets. Until the outcome is known, Global's existing stations including Heart and Capital will remain in a separate unit of the business to Real and Smooth Radio.

Freesat channels 516 and 517*
Sky channels 387 and 388. 

Satellite: Eutelsat 28A
Position: 28.5° East
Frequency: 12523.00 V
Symbol Rate: 27500 FEC: 2/3

* some Freesat receivers will add the stations to the EPG automatically overnight.


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