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Comment: iPlayer partly steps in to fill Red Button void

COMMENT The BBC Red Button service has nearly completed its first weekend as a reduced service on all platforms. The move has disappointed numerous viewers, however the BBC has committed to broadcasting future additional red button content via the internet to connected TVs.

With a tight schedule of sport and "Strictly", there is now less opportunity for the last remaining Red Button channel to repeat sporting events later in the day. However, this morning's BBC Red Button Moto GP coverage is now available on the BBC iPlayer [until 07:00, 28/10], as the BBC Red Button team have reminded viewers via their Twitter feed.

However the provision of BBC Red Button content from BBC Sport on iPlayer is very hit and miss: No World Triathlon but coverage of the NFL Monday Night game. Does the BBC need to step up in its acquisition of on-demand broadcast rights?

The former Red Button satellite transponder is being closed down and a new UK spot beam transponder hired to bring national variants of BBC One HD to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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