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Capital TV for Manchester?

Data has been discovered on the Manchester Television Network multiplex which indicates that the newly launched Capital TV music channel could be making an appearance on Freeview in the Greater Manchester area from later this week.

Digital Spy forum member Greebo has been keeping an eye on on the latest developments, and unearthed the data being transmitted this afternoon. The data being transmitted can be read using appropriate computer software, with most of this data usually used to tell viewer's Freeview TVs and boxes what to do with a service (e.g. which channel number to put it on).

Any new services are expected to be available to viewers by midday on Wednesday, when there will be another Freeview reshuffle. In Manchester, Movies4Men and Movies4Men+1 plus Sony SAB and Argos TV 24/7 are moving to channels 51-54, replacing the HD channels, which in turn move to channel 101 onward. Capital TV could make an appearance in Manchester on channel 56.

Manchester benefits from an extra multiplex of television channels using a frequency previously allocated to the now defunct Channel M.
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