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C4HD to replace Clirlun in Wales from 1st December on Freeview HD

C4C Clirlun
S4C's Clirlun's last full day on air: 30/11/2012
Channel 4 has been permitted by Ofcom to expand its provision of Channel 4 HD across Wales on Freeview HD from 1st December 2012.

It will use capacity on the Freeview HD multiplex vacated by S4C's Clirlun channel, which will cease at midnight 1st December.

The confirmation follows Welsh broadcaster S4C's submission to Ofcom on the 5th July 2012, which notified the regulator that it intended to close down its HD channel "Clirlun". S4C at the time announced the closure as part of a cost-cutting exercise, with the broadcaster facing stiff budget costs and a shift in funding from next year when money from the BBC's licence fee will be used to support the channel.

On the 9th July, Channel 4 applied to Ofcom to allow it to use the slot on the HD multiplex in Wales, which has now been granted.

Ofcom originally awarded capacity to C4/S4C HD on the Freeview HD multiplex (BBC-B/Mux B) using its powers under the Television Multiplex Services (Reservation of Digital Capacity) Order 2008 on 17th October 2008. S4C's HD service was subsequently named "Clirlun" or Clear View - designed to be a Welsh term for "high definition". Clirlun launched in April 2010 on Freeview HD following the completion of digital switchover in Wales. It was never made available on other platforms.

  Ofcom statement: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/spectrum/spectrum-policy-area/projects/dtv/Amendment_to_Determination.pdf

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  1. Please note that in the meantime, S4C has clarified midnight, 1st December as being 23:59 on the 1st (!), according to an Ofcom document.... C4HD will arrive in Wales 2/12/2012.


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