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BBC Two ends analogue transmission

BBC Two switchover caption @bbctwoni
(updated) BBC Two - first to be broadcast in colour in the 1960s - became the first of the main terrestrial networks to go digital only in 2012 when at 00:23 overnight, the analogue BBC Two service was switched off in Northern Ireland.

The switch-off was preceeded by a special caption advising viewers of the switchover.

Following the switch-off of the analogue BBC Two signal, a break in transmission occured on terrestrial television, with various services affected.

Within an hour of BBC Two analogue being turned off, main transmitters started to roll out the full power BBC digital service on the former BBC Two frequency.

During the course of Wednesday, relay transmitter sites across Northern Ireland were switched on to digital broadcasting for the first time.

Remaining analogue channels will be switched off on the 24th, when digital services from UTV, Channel 4 and 5, plus Freeview HD go live at all sites. Commercial channels from Sky, UKTV, Al Jazeera and Channel 5 will only be transmitted at main transmitter sites as Divis, Limavady and Brougher Mountain from the 24th October.

These are the Freeview channels available at full power from all transmitter sites in Northern Ireland from the 10th October:

001 BBC One Northern Ireland
002 BBC Two Northern Ireland
007 BBC Three
009 BBC Four
070 CBBC
071 CBeebies
080 BBC News
081 BBC Parliament
200 BBC Red Button
301 BBC Red Button 301
700 BBC Radio 1
701 BBC Radio 1 Xtra
702 BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4
705 BBC Radio 5 Live
706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
707 BBC Radio 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 4 Extra
709 BBC Asian Network
710 BBC World Service
719 BBC Radio Ulster
720 BBC Radio Foyle

Other Freeview channels remain at low power and via main transmitter sites only until stage 2 in a fortnight.

Read more about the digital switchover in Northern Ireland:


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