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BBC Trust launches review of BBC Online and BBC Red Button

Up for review: BBC Red Button and BBC Online
The BBC Trust has announced a new review of BBC online services and via the red button amidst a change in the way viewers access BBC services away from traditional linear TV channels.

The last review of BBC Online was in 2008, prior to the launch of what is now the cornerstone of BBC Online - BBC iPlayer. The Red Button service was last looked at  by the BBC Trust in 2010.

According to the Trust, the process will be "more focused" than the last reviews, "looking at how the services are meeting the objectives set for them by the last reviews, how well they are serving their audiences and how they have adapted to changes in technology, media and audience behaviour."

A public consultation has been launched, which can be seen by clicking (or touching) here. 

Questions about the Red Button include "How easy do you find it to use BBC Red Button?" and "What do you think would make the Red Button service better?"

Meanwhile, questions about BBC Online include "What do you think about the BBC Online homepage?" and "How well do you think BBC Online Sport supports the BBC's TV and radio sports coverage?"

BBC Trustee Suzanna Taverne, who is leading the review, said:
"The BBC's digital offer is constantly evolving – last time we examined BBC Online, the now firmly-established iPlayer did not even exist – so it is particularly important to review these services regularly.

We know that what Digital achieved at the Olympic Games was just the beginning, and the BBC's online and red button services will become even more important in future. I am keen for this review to ensure that these service licences are fit for purpose and give them the space to develop and innovate in order to continue meeting  licence fee payers' needs and expectations."

BBC Red Button has recently reduced its traditional service to one stream on all platforms, ahead of the launch of a connected red button service, delivered via the internet. It will be interesting to see how viewers respond to the consultation with regards this changing service.
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