BBC prepares for Northern Ireland HD channel

Testing has been observed on the BBC HD satellite transponder, indicating that BBC One Northern Ireland will be the first variant of BBC One HD to go live. The tests come days before the end of the terrestrial digital switchover in Northern Ireland.

Located on the Astra 1N satellite, currently at 28.2 degrees East, a version of BBC One HD with the current UK-wide content but with BBC One Northern Ireland programme listings has gone on air.

  Manual tuning  10.84700 GHz, V, DVB-S2, 8PSK, Symbol rate: 23000, FEC: 2/3, Service ID: 6943

While the BBC has not yet issued a statement on when national versions of BBC One HD for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will go live, the tests have heightened speculation that BBC One HD Northern Ireland will be ready for stage 2 of the digital switchover in the province on Wednesday (24th).

UPDATE: Listings for BBC One HD Northern Ireland now published

UTV has confirmed that UTV will join Freeview HD on Wednesday, so together with BBC One HD Northern Ireland, Ulster viewers will have some of the best local HD TV provision in the UK. 
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  1. October 24th gives an ideal time for the launch of BBC One HD Northern Ireland at the same time as the addition of the NI MUX, DSO and ROI overspill!

    If BBC One HD England is to be BBC One HD London Region (if chose to fill downtime/local news with London

    There be a number of people near the English side of borders of both Wales and Scotland that more closer to the Welsh and Scots then London.

    ITV1+1 Wales and ITV1 HD Central do have benefits for those in the northern region of for example ITV South West England (West and Westcountry) near the River Severn/Bristol Channel. More use than a bulletin 100% solo on London!

    1. There is no indication as yet that BBC One HD in England will revert to a simulcast of BBC One London.


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