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BBC closes pan-European transponder, reducing BBC Radio coverage in Europe

satellite update
SATELLITE UPDATE  As reported on the 2nd October, the BBC has been in the past fortnight moving its BBC Radio stations to new homes on existing BBC transponders on Astra 1N. Astra 1N transmissions use a UK spotbeam, reducing overspill into Europe.

Earlier this week, the process was finally completed when Sky EPGs were repointed to the new locations of BBC Radio stations. This morning, the BBC closed down its operations on Astra 2A (11954.00H), meaning that BBC Radio is now only available on satellite across a smaller official footprint area consisting of the UK and Ireland and parts of France and Germany, plus Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Some listeners outside of the official UK spotbeam can still receive BBC TV and Radio, but with large satellite dishes. However, Astra 1N's replacement - Astra 2F - at 28.2 degrees East will be brought into service soon. Astra 2F is expected to have two spotbeams - one for the UK and one for West Africa using the same frequency band, thus limiting current UK spotbeam overspill towards Southern Europe.

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