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Will EE's new 4G service affect Freeview reception?

In a nutshell, no. Not at the moment.

EE (the group that owns the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK), has applied to Ofcom to launch 4G/LTE services in the 1800 MHz frequency block it already operates in. During the autumn of 2012 it will commence rollout in selected location across the UK. This is not the frequency block originally intended for 4G.

The type of 4G/LTE service that will affect Freeview is the type that operates in the 800 MHz frequency block, just above the frequencies that Freeview uses. Some 4G services will still operate very close to the TV frequencies. In addition, most TVs and aerials are designed to receive services in the 800 MHz frequency range, as TV services have used those frequencies (and still will use some of the frequencies in that range until October 2013, e.g. Waltham East Midlands transmitter using UHF channel 61).

In contrast, TVs and aerials aren't designed to receive 1800 MHz services, and there is a big gap in the frequency bands between 1800 MHz and the 600/700 MHz bands being used for TV.

Once the 800 MHz 4G service is rolled out in the UK (the 800 MHz band is being adopted in most countries for 4G use), then filters may be required to block incoming interference. Services will not commence in the 800 MHz block until later next year, once all TV services have been completely cleared out of the way.
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