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Timetable for Local TV licence awards revealed by Ofcom

Local TV - serving towns and cities across the UK from next year.
Serving towns and cities from next year
It's not long until TV viewers and stakeholders in the local TV project find out who will be running local TV services to towns and cities including Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Preston and London. 

Ofcom have indicated that announcements about future local TV licence awards will be made in several tranches between now and December, with the outcome of the hotly contested London licence to be revealed in November.

Runners in the race to operate the local TV multiplex will find out if they've been successful next month.

Following last week's relatively straightforward awards of local TV licences to stations in Brighton and Grimsby  - where the winners were the only applicants in their respective area, Ofcom have stated that the outcome of the process for future stations in Bristol, Cardiff and Norwich will be announced before the end of this month.

In October, local TV applicants in Belfast, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and Southampton will find out if they have been successful in their application to run a local TV service on Freeview. The winner of the application to run the local TV multiplex is also scheduled to be revealed in October. Applicants for the licence are Avanti, CoMux UK, the CMA-backed Local TV Multiplex Ltd and the BBC.

Further announcements will be made in November, when stations in the running to operate local TV services in London and Manchester on Freeview channel 8 will be told who has got the licence. In Scotland, the winning applicants for Edinburgh and Glasgow's two licences will also be announced - Scottish local TV services will run on Freeview channel 45, as channel 8 is already used for BBC Alba.  London and Manchester both have five applicants vying for the licence, while Glasgow and Edinburgh have four applicants each.

Finally in December, the focus is on Northern England when licences will be awarded to stations in Leeds, Liverpool, Preston and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The first batch of local TV stations should be going on air during the course of 2013, with a further phase of local TV stations following in 2014. Larger local TV stations, such as the one serving London may also opt for carriage on satellite as well as on Freeview.

Ofcom has also indicated that it will publish the reasons behind its licence award decisions on its website in due course.

Update (19/09):
Norwich awarded to Mustard
Cardiff and Bristol awarded to Made TV Ltd.


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