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Sky/C4 Deal: Sky gets Film4 and More4 HD channels, C4 gets more audience data

Channel 4
Channel 4 and Sky have ended their long-lasting stand off, which started eight years ago when Channel 4 started to migrate E4 and later Film 4 to free-to-air status and inclusion on Freeview.

In a deal announced today between the pay TV behemoth and the publicly owned corporation, Channel 4 will gain access to viewer data through Sky's customer intelligence division, Sky IQ. This follows other recent initiatives by Channel 4 to harvest data from viewers, for example through the registration process to watch Channel 4 services online and the launch of 4seven, which analyses viewer reaction via social media to produce a schedule.

Sky will on the other hand gain More 4 HD and Film 4 HD, both of which were deemed as possible future Freeview HD or Freesat HD channels. Both channels have Ofcom licences for digital terrestrial transmissions in HD. Sky will also add Channel 4 services to its Sky Go mobile platform and 4oD will become available on Sky's growing on-demand platform from early next year.

A deal to add 4oD to Freesat's new Free Time service that was made prior to the agreement with Sky still stands.

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  1. Conor McDermott has left a new comment on your post "Sky/C4 Deal: Sky gets Film4 and More4 HD channels,...":

    I think channel four have let down the viewers on freesat and freeview on not putting the film4 hd channel on to both those platforms they are treating them like dirt and second class viewers ofcom need to take channel 4 and others and investigate remmember sky are the most corrupted tv service in the uk they are a cartel and need to broken up and sold off

    1. Thanks Conor for your comment. Due to recent technical changes to the website, comments to articles over 14 days old can't be directly posted to pages, but I've posted your text above.


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