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Russia Today's gone a bit British

Russia Today / RTRussia Today - or RT - as it is now increasingly known as, has this month launched UK specific advertising for viewers watching the channel on Sky, Freesat and Freeview.

UK advertisers appearing on the channel have included WWF, British Gas and Wickes. The advertising strands are branded "RT Commercial" in a new advertising sting.

Until now, RT has contained very little or no advertising, and no bespoke UK content. It has received funding from the Russian Government. According to reports, the channel will launch in HD soon and continue to grow its content with more UK relevant material. The controversial business show Keiser Report has now adopted a London skyline backdrop.

The channel came under stiff criticism from regulator Ofcom earlier this month, when it was found in breach of paragraph 5.1 of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code following its coverage of the NATO air strikes in Libya.
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