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Rain dampens TV reception

Yet another storm system over the UK will provide some challenging conditions for TV reception over the next 48 hours. Viewers with satellite systems, especially with smaller dish sizes, may find reception disrupted due to thick cloud and heavy rain.

There is very little that can be done in the immediate future to fix these problems, although if it becomes a regular occurance, a satellite dish installer may need to review your dish, its alignment and cabling to and from the dish.
Terrestrial (Freeview) viewers may also encounter problems. Currently all transmitters are working fine, but remote relays are more susceptible to faults if conditions continue to worsen. In addition, water and corrosion in aerial cabling may cause some reception faults - check your own connections, cables and aerial first!

The following link will contain details of any planned transmitter maintainance, if there is any:

Unplanned outages will appear using the checker on the right hand side of the page at  Again, if no outage has been logged by transmitter network operator Arqiva and passed to the BBC, please check your own equipment, connections, aerial to ensure that there are no issues locally, such as water in the cable.


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