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Pre-retune day housekeeping for Freeview

Some housekeeping has been taking place on the digital terrestrial television platform today ahead of the first of two EPG reshuffle days, with signs that the Manchester multiplex will be brought back on air imminently bringing upto six extra channels to Freeview viewers of Greater Manchester.

Marketplace has appeared on the SDN digital multiplex on channel 61. The shopping channel will air daily between 07:00 and 11:00. 

Test placeholders have appeared on channel 790 and 791, ahead of services being activated and launched on proper channel numbers on Wednesday when an EPG reshuffle takes place on Freeview.

In Manchester, there are signs that the local multiplex - previously home to Channel M - will soon be brought back on air. The Network Information Table, which forms part of the data sent to viewer's Freeview receivers now contains information about the Manchester multiplex in the Granada region. Viewers may soon see additional channels, initially appearing and testing on channels 792-796 once the multiplex has gone live on UHF channel 57.

Canis Media today offered a further opportunity for broadcasters to take up a six month slot on the Manchester multiplex, indicating that not all six slots have been taken for the launch.

A retune today is not neccessary - any retune done on Wednesday after midday will add any changes to the platform.

Does my Freeview receiver add channels automatically?
Following today's changes, viewers can check to see if their Freeview receiver automatically adds channels - if you haven't retuned - check to see if channel 61 has been added. If not, select 5* or Quest. Keep the TV on that channel for 30 seconds to a minute. Then go back to 61. If Marketplace has been added, you have an automatically scanning device. The above instructions apply because 5* and Quest are on the same digital multiplex as Marketplace.

Broadcasters step up marketing for channel change
Meanwhile, Vision TV Network has stepped up its marketing of its new channel number, issuing tweets and emails advising viewers of the change being made after midday on the 19th September. The Freeview/IPTV hybrid service showcasing foreign TV channels will move to channel 225 from channel 110.

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