Pop Ups to remind viewers to retune

A series of pop up messages are now appearing on Freeview, inviting viewers to retune following a 'Freeview TV Guide' update.

The messages refer to the changes made to the Freeview system on Wednesday, when Dave, Really and Yesterday, Food Network and The Jewellery Channel changed channel numbers and Argos TV was added to channel 55. In Manchester, additional channels are now broadcast from channel 56.

Streamed channels (delivered via broadband internet) were moved to channel 225 upward.

A change to HD and adult channels had to be deferred at the last minute, due to an appeal by an unknown broadcaster against the move. An earlier planned move of the news and children's sections had to be cancelled due to another appeal by Sky against the move of its news channel. The children's channel change was subsequently stopped, as the news channel move was needed as a buffer between adult and children's channels.

A further change, largely affecting HD channels and adult channels is pencilled in for the 17th October.

Overall, if the Freeview equipment used doesn't look out for new channels or channel number changes, there will be no consequences if a retune isn't done, especially if it would inconvenience someone.

  FREEVIEW CHANNEL NUMBERS (plus proposed changes pencilled in for next month):

Available in a smartphone friendly format via the mobile version of the website.

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  1. Here in mid-Wales we've had the retune nag even though we're on Freeview Lite and the retune didn't result in any changes whatsoever. No new channels, no lost channels, and no different channel no.s as far as I can see. Rather pointless in all.

    1. Unfortunately, the Freeview Lite transmitters relay the message from the main transmitter where all services are transmitted from. BBC Red Button will have moved to ch.200 on Freeview Lite. But not worth the bother of retuning!


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