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Norwich gets a dollop of Mustard in Local TV licence award

Mustard Logo - Archant Media's local TV channel for Norwich.
Ofcom have today awarded the licence to broadcast local TV to Norwich from next year to "Mustard", a channel to be operated as a joint venture between community media publisher Archant, who publish the Eastern Daily Press, together with other Norwich based partners. 

Mustard was up against rival applicant NR One for the licence.

Mustard MD, Fiona Ryder said in a press release: "Our vision is for Mustard to be seen as a community asset: a local broadcast service that reflects life and champions community concerns and gives viewers a new voice. We will partner with academic institutions, local businesses and production companies to ensure that Mustard is an authentic local service made by and for the people of Norwich. As part of Archant, one of the UK’s largest independently owned regional media groups, with its group head office in Norwich, Mustard is uniquely positioned to sustain a local commercial television service for the city and the surrounding area."

According to Archant, Mustard’s news bulletins will devote roughly five times as much airtime to Norwich focused news each weekday than the existing coverage provided by BBC East and ITV Anglia, and its flagship magazine programme, The Mustard Show, will add over three hours per week of Norwich-related programming to the Freeview schedule.

The channel is hopeful to be on air by autumn next year, when it will appear on Freeview channel 8 from 6am to midnight every day.

It will broadcast from the Tacolneston transmitter, and has been assigned UHF frequency channel 57. A digital platform called Mustard Digital is expected to launch in January 2013.

Proposed coverage area - exact coverage will depend on the final decision on transmitter parameters to be used. © Ofcom. Based on QSPK 2/3 mode. The above should only serve as a rough guide.
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