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Manchester Television Network to provide six channels by mid-October

The bouquet of additional Freeview channels being broadcast on the former Channel M multiplex to viewers in Greater Manchester will consist of six channels from as soon as mid-October, according to a press release from Canis Media.

Four services transmitted on the multiplex have already been spotted by viewers in the area - they first appeared on screens last week in the Manchester area following last Wednesday's Freeview EPG reshuffle. reported the developments last week.

From Freeview channel 56 the currently on-air services consist of Movies4Men, Movies4Men+1, Sony SAB and a 24 hour version of Argos TV. The press release indicates six additional channels (in total) from mid-October.

The additional Freeview offering is being branded "Manchester Television Network" by Canis Media who have been in charge of marketing the broadcast capacity to interested parties.

According to the press release: "Canis Media has worked closely with DMOL, which manages the Freeview EPG, to find a solution to ensure viewers will find the new channels with ease. With the improved channel numbers, the timing of the launch after digital switchover and the planned marketing campaign, the Manchester Television Network channels will be widely publicised and easily accessible." is not quite sure of the comment "the timing of the launch after digital switchover" - as the Granada region switchover was three years ago. The launch of the services co-inciding with the national Freeview EPG reshuffle (when viewers who had to retune anyway found the extra services) might be what is being alluded to.

With four services already transmitting, DTT Tech News website indicates that 6Mbps of capacity is still vacant for the two additional services, whoever they may be.


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