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Freeview EPG reshuffle (part 1) has completed!

Some Freeview channels have moved channel numbers today, 19th September 2012.

But viewers in the Tyne Tees region are being advised that they don't have to retune today, as they will need to retune next week anyway, following the completion of digital switchover in the region.

Originally planned as a major one-stage retune to coincide with the UK finishing digital switchover, an appeal by Sky against moving its news channel and another appeal from an unknown broadcaster has resulted in many initially proposed changes being postponed.

At the moment, some changes postponed from today are pencilled in for the 17th October, although this could still change again.

The following has now happened:
  • The launch of Argos TV at LCN 55
  • Channel moves:
    • Dave (from 19 to 12)
    • Really (from 20 to 17)
    • Yesterday (from 12 to 19)
    • Gold (from 17 to 20)
    • Food Network (from 49 to 48)
    • Jewellery Channel (from 60 to 49)
  • Text and streamed channels genres allocated channel numbers 200 to 299
In Manchester, additional services have gone live on channels 56 to 59.

Also: Al Jazeera English has now already gone 24 hours on Freeview channel 83 (post-switchover areas). Viewers in pre-switchover regions will get the full Al Jazeera English channel on 83 at stage 2 of the digital switchover (Tyne Tees next Wednesday 26th September, Northern Ireland 24th October 2012)

General Retune Advice
Some autoscanning devices that only scan the multiplex that carries the channel you are watching at the time may have shunted channels in the wrong place. In some cases, channels may appear as "missing". They might have been pushed to the 800s. A retune should sort the problem out. The following article highlights some of the anomalies that can occur!

Owners of Humax Freeview+ PVRs should be warned that conducting a full retune may result in the loss of scheduled recordings and series links. Some Humax boxes have been upgraded with custom firmware to avoid this.

Humax forums such as and  should be able to assist concern users with queries.  Humax's own website is at

Elsewhere, the official website has useful advice, plus downloadable manuals to assist with retuning.

Some devices will retune automatically.

If you are away, channels will remain where they are until you return and retune your receiver (unless the receiver is a model that is designed to scan for changes automatically and has not got this function disabled - check your manual for more information to see if this applies, e.g. many Panasonics have got this function).

There are no related changes to satellite and cable platforms.

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If you have a Google account (e.g. a Gmail and Google+ account), you can comment using the comment function below. Abusive comments, those with strong language and spam comments will be deleted. And most importantly - Please don't shoot the messenger - is not responsible for the retune!

If you have trouble retuning, you need to contact the manufacturer of your equipment if you can't find your manual. "Freeview" is not responsible for individual user's equipment or aerial connections, unlike Sky who provide their own box, dish and cables.


  1. Just to clarify the follwoing point:

    "General Retune Advice
    Owners of Humax Freeview+ PVRs should be warned that conducting a full retune may result in the loss of scheduled recordings and series links."

    Those does not affect Humax YouView boxes, as they will automatically retune, and they do not wipe the schedule even if you do a manual retune.

    Thanks for clarifying the fact that if you don't retune you wont loose any channels, as I am due to retune a block of sheltered flats today, and i know I don't really want to do all of them in one afternoon!

    1. Thanks for clarifying the situation regarding Humax YouView boxes.

      While you're going around retuning, watch out for autoscanning TVs or boxes - these may have put channels in the wrong place, depending on their own internal set-up.

      TV's and boxes without this function are in some ways going be more preferable for you as you go and about retuning.

  2. Thanks fr the info a516_digital, managed to re-tune everyone, and always did a first time installation, as when we did DSO, as no one has a PVR so all OK, and only needed to delete all the nonsense Adult channels, plus sport and IPTV ones they can't get anyway, as no one has that fancy smart stuff!! (Only me, and my YouView box is not compliant!!)

    Now waiting for more info on 17th Oct one, as I can't really see the need to do one if 24 hour news channels aren't moving, as only one resident has an HD TV!

    If only they realised the hassle these retunes cause, all I heard was "It's telling me something in screen, what have I done wrong?"

    All they meant was the message to advise about the retune, which they don't understand, and were baffled when I showed them what to do!

    Ho um, maybe they (DMOL) will one day get their act together!

    1. Couldn't agree more with you re hassle. People who are not tech literate have been completely overlooked throughout this digital business. I do my best to explain to my Mum, but am dealing with someone who never learned to set the clock on her video recorder (she only ever recorded stuff which was just starting; no advance settings for her), who has trouble with the sort of brief press you need for most mobile phone buttons, and to whom the nested menu is a mystery.

      (That said, up to press, Dave, Really & Yesterday appear not to have moved on MY PVR. They have on the telly, but the Humax is still working as before. (And no, it hasn't updated itself, everything is just where it was. I even recorded stuff today on Dave))


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