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Children's TV in HD kept on by BBC until Christmas

A report in the BBC's internal magazine Ariel has confirmed that the BBC will not abolish strands of children's programming from BBC One or BBC Two until after Christmas.

The BBC announced its plans to move children's programming to CBBC and CBeebies as part of its Delivering Quality First (DQF) cost-cutting exercise earlier this year, in a bid to reduce repeat fees. Rather than simulcasting the CBBC channel to avoid repeat fees, BBC One will schedule additional daytime shows. BBC Two will air "factual repeats"

The move was initially expected to take place to co-incide with completion of the digital switchover next month, when all households would be able to access the children's channels.

In conjunction with the move to turn the BBC HD channel into BBC Two HD, this means that children's programmes will no longer air in HD, despite numerous shows being made in HD. Ironically, international viewers watching BBC children's shows imported by other broadcasters could be the first to see the programme in HD, rather than licence fee payers in the country of origin.
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