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Astra satellite hosts Ultra HD broadcast

SATELLITE NEWS  Satellite operator SES, together with Sony, are transmitting live Quad HD (4K) content via the Astra 2B satellite at 28.2 degrees East for the IBC2012 event being held in Amsterdam.

According to a technical press release by the satellite company, the content "is being played out in Quad Full HD format encoded in the H.264 standard at a data rate of 50 Mbit/s and is delivered on Sony Bravia 84" 4K displays at a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160."

 “Sony is committed to bringing ever greater viewing experiences to consumers around the world and 4K delivers on that promise. This live demonstration with SES on our new 4K TV demonstrates that 4K satellite transmission may arrive in the home sooner than predicted by the industry” said Olivier Bovis, Head of AV media, Professional Solutions Europe, Sony Europe.

Visitors of IBC 2012 will be able to view the 4K TV content at the SES and Sony stands in Hall 1 and Hall 12 (Elicium) respectively. 

Beyond the IBC, only viewers with dishes aimed at 28 degrees East with HTPCs stand a chance of watching the content. 

   ITV1 HD Meridian has moved:
Also on the 28E satellite platform this week, ITV1 HD Meridian - the ITV1 HD service for the South of England has moved from its former BBC host transponder, in order for the BBC to change parameters and introduce extra national versions of BBC One HD shortly. 

ITV1 HD Meridian is expected to be available on Freesat soon, replacing ITV1 HD London for viewers in the South of England.  ITV1 HD Meridian is now on 10936 V S/R 23000, FEC8/9 on Astra 1N.
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