Al Jazeera 6-8 Freeview channel 84 service axed

After just six weeks, the Al Jazeera 6-8 service on Freeview has ceased.

The two hour service became effectively redundant on the 19th September in post switchover areas when Al Jazeera English went 24 hours on Freeview.

The 6-8 service consisted of a schedule that varied from the output of the main channel, showing recorded news content, rather than the live schedule. In another twist, the channel intially appeared on channel 83 and in pre-switchover areas before going nationwide and switching to channel 84 a week later. 83 became home of the main Al Jazeera English channel.

Quite why there was so much chopping and changing for a two hour service may never be known.
Northern Ireland gets the 24 hour Al Jazeera English channel service at switchover on the 24th October.
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