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A digital dawn for Tyne Tees region

(updated 5pm) Viewers in the North East of England woke up and tuned in to find high powered digital services from the BBC on air via Freeview and no more BBC Two on analogue.

Overnight BBC Two on analogue was switched off, marking the end of BBC Two analogue transmissions in England. Following engineering work at the main transmitters which involved both analogue and digital terrestrial services being interrupted during the night, the BBC's Freeview channels moved to the old BBC Two analogue frequency with the launch of the new post-switchover "BBC-A/PSB1" digital multiplex. 

Therefore, a retune of all Freeview TVs, PVRs and boxes became necessary.

  Transmitter Technical information - including UHF frequencies: 

  Generic Switchover FAQs:

For the first time, digital services are available from all relay sites, beginning with the BBC channels. Some relays were not completed until earlier this afternoon.

What doesn't change today
Other analogue services, such as BBC One and ITV1 Tyne Tees remain on air until stage 2 in a fortnight's time. Also, commercial services on Freeview - ranging from ITV1 to Dave - remain on low power and in most cases on existing frequencies. However, Multiplex C - which broadcasts Sky News among other channels - has moved frequencies on the Bilsdale transmitter. Viewers needing to retune to regain BBC services should regain Sky News following the rescan.

Tuning issues
Viewers with difficulties retuning may need to initiate a "first time installation", or "factory reset" if a standard retune does not produce the desired results. However, duplicates of channels such as BBC Four and BBC Radio stations are normal and will end in a fortnight's time when stage 2 commences. Boosters may create a signal overload on the BBC services, as these will be transmitting a significantly higher powers. A signal overload may produce picture break up on screen, giving the impression that the signal is weak, when the opposite is true.

HD, 4seven and Food Network
Freeview HD does not become widely available across the region until 26th September. Likewise, Food Network's 24 hour schedule and Channel 4's catch up channel 4seven will not be available on Freeview in the region for another two weeks when stage 2 occurs and all remaining analogue services are switched off and new high-powered digital multiplexes with increased bandwidth go on air, enabling the inclusion of the additional services.

Help can be obtained from Digital UK, who are holding events in Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough on the 12th and 13th September to assist consumers. Their helpline will be fully staffed on both switchover stage dates and available on 08456 505050. Alternatively, the Digital UK Tyne Tees pages online can be reached by going to:

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