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19th September 2012 Freeview Retune: Channel changes for UKTV services

UKTV Freeview Channels
UKTV's Freeview channels are moving
UKTV's portfolio of Freeview channels are being reshuffled on the 19th September 2012.

It has been announced that male-orientated Dave is moving from channel 19 to channel 12, swapping channel numbers with historical drama and documentary channel Yesterday.

Meanwhile female-orientated channel Really is moving from channel 20 to channel 17, with the Top Up TV subscription service Gold moving to channel 20.

It is not known what will happen to Dave Ja Vu, currently on channel 25, or if there will be any changes to the one-hour a week Top Up TV version of UKTV's Home channel on 26.

The moves are part of the planned 19th September 2012 Freeview EPG reshuffle. Original plans for the reshuffle did not indicate any changes for the UKTV channels and saw no change to channels 1-47 on Freeview. Digital terrestrial TV platform manager DMOL announced the additional changes today in conjunction with a press release from UKTV.

DMOL's announcement also included the news that teleshopping channel Argos TV will be joining the platform on channel 55 from the same date.

Also taking place on the 19th September is the extension of Al Jazeera's Freeview broadcast hours. As confirmed by Al Jazeera's PR department, the channel will go 24/7 on Freeview channel 83.


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