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The Jewellery Channel extends hours on Freeview channel 60

Teleshopping service The Jewellery Channel has extended its hours on Freeview channel 60. It has now been confirmed that the channel is broadcasting from 0600-0000, thus adding an extra six hours to its previous broadcast hours.

The move comes as Adult Playboy(TVChat) has reduced its hours - this channel currently timeshares the capacity on the SDN digital multiplex with The Jewellery Channel, although additional capacity on the SDN multiplex could make the timeshare redundant in the future.

Back in July, Canis Media had advertised a midnight to midday slot on Freeview as being available from 1st August, which matched the adult channel's hours. There is an indication that if The Jewellery Channel remains broadcasting in the morning on 5 USA, the morning hours will only be temporary until another broadcaster takes the hours up, otherwise there will be duplication of the same service throughout the morning on Freeview. Gems TV, who have a similar arrangement with a teleshopping slot on 5*, avoid duplicating services by broadcasting sister channel Jewellery Maker on its own channel number (43) during 5* teleshopping hours.

Once the technical lockdown, currently in place for the Olympics is lifted,  we may see more substantial changes on Freeview.


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