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Olympics Best Kept Secret? Eurovision's Olympic Coverage

Eurovision isn't just a music contest. The organisation behind Eurovision, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - whose members have the rights to this year's London Olympics across Europe - is offering up to 9,900 hours of Olympic content on the internet for viewers in EBU member countries in what it calls the "Common Broadband Video Platform (CBP)".

Watch coverage from other broadcasters on one website. Click/tap for larger image.

The service at consists of 12 videostreams carrying raw feeds (no commentary) from the various events. In addition, viewers can select Olympic coverage from various European broadcasters, such as Germany's ZDF, the Dutch NOS and Irish RTE. 

Some of the foreign services available on the website are funded by their own local version of the TV licence fee, whilst some have commercial funding - and some such as Germany's ARD and ZDF are financed by a combination of the two. Depending on where a viewer is located within Europe, available streams from other broadcasters may be restricted. 

Italy's coverage is not included on the site, as  although EBU member RAI will show 200 hours of coverage, Sky have obtained the other rights.

BBC coverage is not available for UK based internet viewers via this site, viewers here must go via the website to access the coverage, where unlike viewers in other EBU countries, they can access the extra 24 BBC Olympic channels.

Viewers may need to watch a pre-roll advert from broadcast sponsor GE before the coverage starts.

Each medal event will be also available as video-on-demand during Games time. Olympic fans will be able to engage with CBP through social media outlets Twitter and Facebook. An estimated 9,000 hours of live London 2012 coverage will be made available to viewers with VoD highlight coverage of all medal events.

This is expected to be the last EBU-wide coverage of the Olympics, and the last time we'll be able to access European coverage at such an extensive level. From 2014 onwards, the rights to the Olympics in Europe have to be won by individual broadcasters, with the International Olympic Committee hoping to raise more funds in certain territories where Sky and other pay TV companies may wish to bid for the rights, as has already happened in Italy. This would also spell the end of coverage on TV channel Eurosport, who as members of the European Broadcasting Union has benefited from EBU sports rights acquisitions.

The BBC has recently been awarded with the UK rights for Winter and Summer Olympics from 2014 to 2020.

Visit the site:


  1. was also around in during 2008 and 2010 and a secret gem in times when the BBC (mainly Freeview) coverage been poor as they always had at least 8 streams.

    The news from 2014 with the IOC solo interest of what could be seen as profiteering for the most money in echos like the Premier League and the SPL is a step in the wrong direction that not in the interests of the 500 million within the EBU

    The IOC partnership with Google on Youtube for most of the world aside from Northern America and the EBU could been seen as a huge step in the right direction and even more so as the world gets more connected!

    The BBC has to be careful as come 2014/2016 etc people might expect more than a handful of streams which past Wimbledon Coverage might be optimistic if BBC wants to dumb down to Freeview quanity on Virgin and Satellite.

    Virgin Media Tivo and its BBC Sport App issues at Wimbledon and lack of Red button for else such as the BBC Proms might what could become the norm.

    Tivo has improved somewhat but many on the VM Community Forums and Cable Forum points this out that for the Olympics it piggybacking on the 24 TV streams and not streaming the feed for this 2 weeks


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