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ITV Central region switch on Freesat


(c) ITV plc
Viewers using Freesat in the East Midlands can now watch the correct regional variant of ITV Central. In the past week, the service received on channel 103 has changed from ITV1 Central West to ITV1 Central East. Central East went free-to-air on satellite earlier this year, but was only available in non-Freesat mode until now.

In addition, Freesat users in Oxfordshire should now see "ITV Central S" in place of ITV Central West.

Currently, the ITV service for the East Midlands consists of a short segment of East Midlands-specific news in the 6pm weekday bulletin, plus an East Midlands bulletin after News at Ten as well as local weather and adverts. The Freesat service now matches the terrestrial service provided across the East Midlands from the Waltham transmitter. The full list of postcodes now in the Central East zone on Freesat is not known, and has not seen any official announcements.

Meanwhile, the Oxfordshire service - although still belonging to the Central region for advertisements - contains news from ITV Meridian.

Following Ofcom proposals to re-advertise the licences for channel 3 and 5, ITV plc announced plans to reintroduce a full regional service for the East Midlands, possibly in the form of a shorter, but completly separate programme to the West Midlands.


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