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It's not to be? TV News and TV Stars lose Freeview slots

updated  After over four months appearing as placeholders on Freeview channel 62 and channel 90, TV Stars and TV News have lost their slots on Freeview. found this lunchtime that TV News' holding webpage was offline. It previously advised browsers that the service was "on a break".

The services still have entries in the Network Information Table (NIT) - a technical data stream used by receivers. Usually, services are removed from the NIT after having their channel numbers removed. Different receivers are reacting differently as a result of this - some Freeview boxes and TVs have ceased to recognise the service and have removed the channels from the line up, whilst others are displaying messages such as "invalid service", but still tune into channel 62 and 90.

TV News and TV Stars were only in the post-switchover Freeview line up, so that the "coming soon" captions did not appear in Ulster and Tyne Tees regions.

TV News first appeared as a placeholder following the September 2009 Freeview retune event, initially labelled as "News". It launched in 2010 and screen celebrity, showbiz and movie news, plus a weekly slot dedicated to videogames. It briefly went 24 hours a day in June 2010, before disappearing, then reappearing a few months later and then disappearing again in 2011.

The services never appeared on Ofcom's digital terrestrial television licence list and there has never been any formal announcement about the appearance or disappearance of the channels by Freeview, multiplex operator Arqiva or any other related organisation.

In other Freeview news, Ofcom has announced in its latest Bulletin that it will be investigating Big Deal (channel 32) for an offence relating to the re-transmission of Psychic TV on 2nd June.


  1. two channels that of not much loss.

    Plenty more that outstay welcome.

    +1, radio and endless tat (shopping, gaming and adult) for the majority on a TV platform at the end of the queue.


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