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Extra Paralympics channels added to satellite EPGs today

SATELLITE NEWS  Ahead of extra coverage of the London 2012 Paralympics starting tomorrow, satellite viewers can now select the extra Channel 4 Paralympics channels on their EPG.

Sky viewers will see the extra channels appear from channel 450, while Freesat will see the services added on channel 150. HD viewers on both platforms will see the HD versions of the channels.

Last minute tests took place on satellite during the course of Tuesday, including various test cards and a mock Paralympic schedule dated 30th July...

Freesat viewers with a Humax box will see the extra channels being added automatically during the early hours of Thursday morning as a result of the routine "overnight housekeeping" that Humax boxes undertake every night.

On Freeview, one of the three extra channels will be available on Freeview's HD platform. Channel 304 is expected to come to life shortly. It has been showing a static caption until now. The extra streams will be available on Channel 4's Paralympic website. In addition, the official website will showcase video content from the events.

Before the extra channels start, Channel 4, Channel 4HD and More 4 will be showing live coverage of tonight's Opening Ceremony. Audio Description will be carried on More 4.

  ITV1 HD Granada
Meanwhile, there's been further changes to ITV1 Granada HD on satellite. The service has moved frequencies to 10994 H. Sky and Freesat viewers are not required to retune - the service is being automatically switched in the background. ITV1 Granada HD is also distributed outside of the Granada TV region across the North of England, as not all ITV regions currently transmit an HD simulcast.


  1. Virgin had the 6 streams - 3 in HD and SD until Tuesday when they disappeared

    The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) having 5 different streams from OBS

  2. It might be worth mentioning the arrangement with the HD channels vs the SD channels, probably due to the limited availability of HD channels other than Channel 4 HD:

    * Channel 4 will show its popular programming in the evening instead of paralymic coverage.
    ** While this is going on, paralympic coverage will continue on More4

    * Channel 4 HD will show paralympic coverage throughout the evening schedule
    ** E4 HD will show the popular Channel 4 programming in the evening.

  3. Er, actually, I say that; that's what someone said on the forum... but the EPG says differently. Hmm...

  4. Hi Muzer. The C4 SD/HD schedule issue is something I'm aware of and held back from publishing last night until I had clarification, as last night there was still some contradicting information. Hopefully I'll be able to publish the planned article this evening on


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