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Digital UK confirm more details about UHF clearance affected transmitters

Digital UK has published more details about the main transmitters and relay sites that will be affected by the move to clear UHF channels 61 and 62 in preparation for 4G services launching in the UK.

Most regions that went through digital switchover early-on are affected, as it was not originally envisaged to clear UHF channels 61 and 62. Most viewers who went through digital switchover this year are not affected, with the exception for some viewers in the Merdian region receiving from Midhurst, Steyning, Salisbury and Ventnor transmitters. Later digital switchovers incorporated UHF channel 61 and 62 clearance. The last remaining switchover events this autumn in the Tyne Tees and Ulster regions will also incorporate the clearance, so no further retune events are scheduled there.

As reported here in the past, Ilfracombe's relay will be boosted when the frequencies change next Spring. Data from Digital UK shows the North Devon relay will join many others in having their power boosted on their local clearance date. The boosts will improve local coverage and help mitigate against 4G/LTE interference.

Clearance commences on the 3rd October 2012 at the Midhurst transmitter group and starts in Wales on the 31st October 2012 when transmitters in the west of Wales see frequencies being changed. At the moment, other dates for all other affected transmitter groups are restricted to month/year only, with exact dates yet to be published. These appear on the 4G clearance retune page on this website, which has been updated to reflect the changes, and will continue to be updated to cover future changes.

Viewers will need to retune as a result of the changes. Digital UK will issue further communications in each area closer to the time.

Once 4G services start in each area later in 2013 and early in 2014, a new mitigation company, set up by the mobile phone operators, will be responsible for issuing filters and vouchers to eligible groups of people. Where terrestrial television is longer available, and where the mobile phone companies do not see fit to reduce the interfering signal, households will be offered alternatives for their main TV set to continue receiving services, e.g. via satellite through Freesat.

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  1. "Clearance commences on the 3rd October 2013 at the Midhurst transmitter group and starts in Wales on the 31st October 2013 when transmitters in the west of Wales see frequencies being changed."

    While your 4G clearance page has Wales date as 3/31 October in the year 2012 and not 2013.

    Everything Everywhere would not be happy if LTE was an late 2014 thing!

    With the STV region the last (October 2013) probably not best anyone getting an 4G handset till after this date...

    1. Thanks. The year's been changed to correctly show 2012. Will have to give myself a wooden spoon...


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