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Channel 4's HD split?

Channel 4 is scheduled to split its HD channel from its standard definition service to provide extra coverage of the Paralympic in HD.

The main Channel 4 service is to switch to showing regular programmes such as "Come Dine With Me", "The Simpsons", "Hollyoaks" and "Channel 4 News" during the late afternoon and early evening. During these times, More 4 will take over coverage of the Paralympics.

However on day 1 of the Paralympics, Channel 4 opted to keep non-Paralympic programming off the channel, with Come Dine With Me appearing over on More 4.

As Channel 4 has not yet launched an HD version of its More 4 channel, schedules first released last week indicated that Channel 4HD would switch to simulcasting More 4's Paralympic coverage and by doing so would split from the main Channel 4 service for the first time since launch. However, EPGs for the C4HD service have until now failed to acknowledge this.

The Freesat EPG today still shows Channel 4 HD following the standard definition Channel 4 in showing non-Paralympics programming during the late afternoon and early evening (example shown above shows 4th September schedule). Reports suggest that other EPGs have changed to reflect the HD/SD split to take place during the coming week.


  1. They messed up good with HD. commentators and overscreen graphics going to have to tell people who 'where my the HD version or why is the SD different'

    Hollyoaks in HD on X channel.

    E4 HD may have an Hollyoaks hour exclusive


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