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Channel 4 takes over Freeview HD slot for Paralympics

Freeview HD channel 304 has been taken over by Channel 4 in preparation for extra coverage of the Paralympics, which start next week.

Freeview HD channel 304

Channel 304 was the home of an HD simulcast of BBC Red Button 301 during the Olympics. According to information from Channel 4, the service will also be accessible via the red button on Channel 4 HD via Freeview HD channel 52.

The inclusion of the channel as a directly accessible channel means that viewers in Wales, where Channel 4 HD is not currently available on Freeview will also be able to view the extra channel.

Satellite and cable viewers will be able to see two further streams of action in addition to the extra channel on Freeview HD. Freeview viewers without Freeview HD will not see any extra streams.

Channel 4 clears the schedules
Channel 4 is making the most of its status as the Paralympic Broadcaster. It will clear the schedules of its main channel, with coverage typically from 7:00am to 3:25pm, 5:25 to 6:30pm and 7:30pm to 10:30pm followed by a comedy review of the day's events presented by Adam Hill.

During the times when Channel 4 leaves the Paralympics to bring viewers more Deal or No Deal, Come Dine With Me, The Simpsons, Hollyoaks and Channel 4 News, More 4 takes over coverage of the London Games.

The start things off, the Opening Ceremony on 29th August will air at 8pm on both Channel 4 and More 4. Channel 4 will cover it in HD, while More 4 will carry audio description.


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