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Bath left without Freeview or Radio in latest transmitter difficulty

The town of Bath was left without Freeview services via its relay transmitter today. Freeview was off air between 08:33 and 11:50 as a result of a power failure. BBC National Radio via the relay site near Bathampton were also knocked off air.

The Bath relay is a so-called "Freeview Lite" transmitter, which only carries the public service digital TV multiplexes and not the commercial digital multiplexes that carry commercial channels such as Sky News, Viva and Quest.  However it left some viewers unable to watch Channel 4's first morning of Paralympic coverage. Viewers who could receive services directly from the main Mendip transmitter were unaffected.

This is the latest unplanned incident that has affected the UK's transmitter network last week. Yesterday there were reports that Real Radio Wales had been affected by a lightning strike at the Arfon transmitter in North Wales. Meanwhile, between 1100 and 1130 yesterday, all Freeview services in the Long Mountain transmitter group in Mid Wales were off air due to a fault.

Viewers in the Llandrindod Wells/Bulith Wells area lost access to BBC Wales Today yesterday lunchtime when local relays lost their usual feed as part of the Carmel transmitter group and had to go to satellite back up, which does not carry regional variations.

In Scotland, there have been long outages for relays of the Darvel transmitter group around Loch Lomand, including the Millburn Muir transmitter. contains a fault finder to see if your local transmitter is suffering a fault or having engineering work. Engineering work is not scheduled for the duration of the Paralympics. If you are still having difficulties with reception, and a fault is not listed, check local settings and connections plus your aerial and aerial leads.


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