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19th September 2012: Proposed Freeview channel list

UPDATED 14/09/2012
Since this list was first published, there have been numerous changes to the Freeview EPG reshuffle plan following appeals by channels, resulting in most major changes originally planned for 19th September being deferred.

HD and adult channels should now be moving on 17th October, subject to further last minute changes.

Digital UK has told consumers in the Tyne Tees and Ulster regions not to retune except on switchover dates.

Based on the current information provided, this is how the Freeview channel list will appear from 19th September 2012:


  1. Sky gatecrashed it - aint that a surprise.

    If they did not have to worry about Freeview SD with Children next to the Adult clutter they could had put that Childrens Channels at 90 prior to the HD if Freeview HD LCNs were visible to all devices like TUTV that plague many Freeview devices to still put the LCN numbers of those encrypted like 17 GOLD that no one except the few that keeping TUTV afloat and prolonging its death.

    News has to move to be a stopguard on Freeview SD to protect kids from above 80 as they believe they will fill 50-79 with more 'General Entertainment' and Shopping.

    If they treated Freeview HD LCNs how they treat TUTV ones such as 17 all they see 80+ being Entertainment.

    If QVC, Ideal World and the Shopping genre did have its own section perhaps they could been the DMOL child guard!

  2. DMOL, Sky moaning about LCN 82 is nothing to the missed opportunity of a departing service Teletext Holidays placed on 201 and Sky Text (206) that similar to 'BBC Red Button Access' on 200 in Text services and non correction of long term numeric illiteracy numbering order with the Anytime streams!


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